I just ordered an HTC Hero phone. So excited. This phone looks seriously cool. I've been wanting an Android phone since Android came out. I'm definitely looking forward to developing on this phone.

CoolGui says:

I have been fighting the urge to get one. I can upgrade now, but I pay less than $70 for two lines with unlimited data and as many minutes and text messages I could use. To upgrade to this phone (or the Pre or any of the other "feature phones") I would end up spending at least $30 more a month... :( I just can't justify it... and no sling player for android yet!

Dylan says:

I was in the same camp, but this phone is just too awesome for me to pass up. Also, as a developer, there is a huge allure of a new, awesome, mobile platform to develop for. Also, I'm just sick and tired of Windows Mobile.

lyrical warfare says:

I'm just sick and tired of Windows Mobile.



CoolGui says:

I'm tired of windows mobile too... really tired. But for whatever reason that is the only decent smartphone sprint is still allowing me to keep on the cheap plan. I might still give in and go for the Hero... I think I'll wait a while. I'm sure you'll keep me updated with pros/cons right? :)

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