Oh wow. I've been playing way too much Lemmings lately. I think I didn't get any sleep for three weeks after that game came out. Anyone remember that game?

derekz says:

Yeah, I used to play it all the time on my Amiga when I was 5. My dad was seriously the best at it though, he'd set it to the hardest settings and still finish all the levels in record time with no sweat!

pzycoman says:

Lemmings - great game. First time i got it was on my superfast 286 with 1 mb ram


Dylan says:

Haha! I had a 286 like that. 'Cept mine was [i]much[/i] better than yours because I had 2 megs of memory. And a 40mb hard drive! How cool is that?

pzycoman says:

we had 40mbs too - two 20mb hdds. They were massive and noisy

Iv still got that machine somewhere :)

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