LOL. Laughing out loud. It's standard IM terminology, right? But really, folks, how many of you have actually been laughing out loud when you've typed LOL? One hand? I see two hands? Okay, point proven.

I would like to introduce a new TLA for what most of us really do when we say we're LOL'ing. Are you ready?

FNE. It stands for Fast Nasal Exhale. See?! Right there. You just did one. I heard it.

How do you pronounce it? FUN-ee. Yeah, just like the word funny.

So the next time you see something on the Internet that's mildly amusing and enough to evoke a modicum of humorous response, do the honest thing and type FNE, not LOL. Nobody likes a liar.

CJO says:

*Starts a slow clap*

Dead on, Dylan. Dead on. I'm going to start using it.

ss13 says:

Dylan, this is INCREDIBLE.

An "honest IMing" revolution has begun.

I think FNE can also replace such amazingly obnoxious acronyms such as LMAO and ROFL.

Baggy says:

Dylan, you've got it man!

That is so true. Can I paste it on my blog?

Rock on!

dcormier says:

Excellent. I'm not sure when the last time I used "LOL" was. This is much better.

xangelusx says:

I love it! We need FNE shirts!

catspit says:

There was me wondering what the FNE meant on your comment for catspit but it's brilliant! So true. I used to 'rofl' a lot but it's meaningless, so I'll have to try and convert myself.. Must.. control... fingers..

Dylan says:

I love it! We need FNE shirts!

Ask and ye shall receive. (Update: Switched from CafePress to Printfection.)

(And here's a picture of what's on the shirt—front image on top, back image on bottom.)

I'm open to other designs. :)

Dylan says:

Had to switch to Printfection. CafePress was giving me problems.

Dylan says:

I got my shirt today. It looks awesome.

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