Here's my take of Kottke's take on e-readers:

"Sure, fine, make your single-use [cups]. But all these [cups] -- the [tea cup], [mug], [ceramic cup], et al -- are all focused on the wrong single use: [tea]. (And in the case of at least the [mug], the focus is on [drinking hot tea].*) The correct single use is [drinking]. Your [cup] should make it equally easy to [drink] [tea], [beer], [wine], [juice], [Gatorade], [coffee], etc. And keep in mind, all of these things have [colors] that are integral to the [drinking] experience. We want to [drink]; help us do it."

I disagree with him. As I thinly tried to point out above, it doesn't always make sense to have one "reading" device. My RSS feed reading is distinctly different from my book reading experience and I don't want them to be the same. The Kindle digitally emulates my book reading experience just enough for me to continue to enjoy reading books, but digitally. There's a reason I walk away from Google Reader and go sit on the couch to read for a few hours.

* Sorry, Jason, but the 7-Eleven sentence didn't survive the analogy filter.